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Growatt Recognized as Best Selling String Inverter of the Year

Thursday March 7 in Indian capital of New Delhi, Growatt is awarded “Best Selling String Inverter of the Year”. The award recognizes Growatt’s development progress on Indian rooftop sector. As the Global TOP 10 Solar Inverter according to IHS Markit and the No.1 Chinese Residential Solar Inverter Brand, Growatt has consolidated its technology, product and service advantages, which favor its business expansion in India.

“India is the second biggest solar market after China in the Asia-Pacific region. It’s one of our top overseas markets and we are working very hard here, providing reliable inverter solutions and professional customer services,” says Rucas Wang, Growatt APAC Director at the event. Rucas has over 10 years sales experience in India and understands the local market in depth. “Though the rooftop sector now takes up a small portion of Indian solar, its share will increase in the long run. With our huge advantages in rooftop, we are in a very good condition to keep up strong growth momentum with the market,” Rucas expresses his optimism about future development of Indian rooftop solar.

“With our good position in residential, now we are also working hard to develop the market of large rooftop and utility-scale solar plants in India. Therefore, we’ve launched our new model, MAX. Our strong R&D capability in PV technology makes it promising for our business in these segments,” continued Rucas, pointing to Growatt’s latest inverter, MAX on exhibition at the booth.


Shantanu Sirsath, Growatt’s Technical Manager introduces this most up-to-date inverter to the audience at the event, “At first glance, people would say this is a cool looking inverter, but what’s real cool is its design and technology. MAX has more smart functions because it uses premium components and is designed with powerful quad-core architecture. With all these, MAX has got functions, such as One-Click Diagnosis, Fault Waveform Record, Smart I/V Diagnosis etc. These are very convenient and powerful tools for monitoring and troubleshooting. As we summarize in one word, MAX is smart and powerful!”

Apart from its continuous R&D and product development, Growatt has been working closely with local partners to provide training on product and technical skills across India. Its service center and warehouse has also been established in Hyderabad with service offices in eight major cities able to provide on-site services across India.